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Custom deduplicate for Mautic


Plugin allow custom deduplicate contacts. Plugin extend current Mautic deduplicate options mautic/mautic#5344 and prevent multiple deduplicate run.

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Command line

  • composer require mtcextendee/mautic-custom-deduplicate-bundle
  • php bin/console mautic:plugins:reload
  • Go to /s/plugins and setup Custom Deduplicate integration


Setup Custom Deduplicate

  • Merge If these fields exists - merge If all of these fields are duplicate
  • Skip If these fields are not empty - skip If one of these fields are not empty


  • Require this pull request mautic/mautic#9844
  • From console: php bin/console mautic:contacts:deduplicate:custom
  • From Mautic

If you run deduplicate process From Mautic, you're notified by notification center.


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