Unlimited SQL
Plugin for Mautic

Unlimited SQL for segments and campaigns

Compatible with Mautic 4 and Mautic 5 (soon)

Breaking Limits with Unlimited SQL in segments and a campaigns

Check out the interactive demonstration. It guides you on how to create SQL for a specific segment type and then how to apply it to a segment filter. Similarly, you can add queries for campaign actions and conditions too. 

Main Features


  • Is SQL knowledge required to use this plugin

    While basic SQL understanding can be helpful, the plugin is designed to be user-friendly, enabling users to utilize SQL functionalities without extensive technical expertise.

  • Can I test my SQL queries within Mautic before deployment?

    Yes, the plugin includes a feature that allows users to test and refine their SQL queries within Mautic to ensure optimal performance.

How to install plugin

Once you receive a confirmation email, you can download the latest version of each bundle using the provided link. 

1. Just copy the plugin to plugins/YourBundleName

2. Clear cache: run from console php bin/console cache:clear

3. Reload plugins list: Run php bin/console mautic:plugins:reload

4. Re-generate assets: Run php bin/console mautic:assets:generate

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Mautic 4
compatible version

  • One domain license

    This license is perfect for companies that use Mautic directly.
  • 10 domains license

    This license is ideally suited for small agencies with up to 10 domains.
  • 999 domains licenses

    This license is perfect for big agencies that use Mautic for their customers.

Mautic 5
compatible version


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