Multiple SMTP
Plugin for Mautic

Compatible with Mautic 4

Multiple SMTP for sending

Send emails using multiple SMTP servers


Interactive demo

For optimal viewing, it is recommended to use full-screen mode. 


  • Multiple SMTP managment
  • Setup custom SMTP to email
  • Setup custom SMTP to owner
  • Unlimited SMTP accounts managment

  • Support for custom SMTP for sending to each email

  • Support for use contact's owner SMTP during the sending

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I send emails with SMTP related to the contact owner?

    You can send emails with SMTP related to the contact owner. To do this, you need to create SMTPs and then attach them to the owner (user). Enable this option in the email settings, and voila!

  • Can I use a different transport other than SMTP?

    Nope, at the moment it's not supported.

  • Can I use Queue for sending?

    No, at the moment we do not support queue mode for sending.

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Mautic 4
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