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GrapeJS integration for Mautic

GrapeJS integration for Mautic

This is experimental integration GrapeJS for Mautic

Installation from command line

  1. composer require kuzmany/mautic-grape-js-bundle
  2. php app/console mautic:plugins:reload
  3. Go to /s/plugins and enable GrapeJs integration

Manual installation

  1. Download last version 2: Unzip files to plugins/MauticGrapeJsBundle
  2. Go to /s/plugins/reload
  3. Enable GrapeJs integration


Just go to email create new/edit and click to Launch builder button. Should open new window with Grape Js


  • Launch Grape JS builder with save and close button
  • File manager
  • Backward compatibility with all your templates (old, new)
  • Auto complete for tokens ({contactfield=firstname})


It's experimental plugin. Every new feature should be sponsored. If you're interest please write me to

  • Custom HTML block
  • Start from zero
  • Auto saving
  • Save as template
  • Send example from builder


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