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Category: Setup

Upgrade script

We build multiple-upgrade.php script for update all instance in one steps. More on GitHub:

Run command multiple

This is helpful feature for administrator. We create command allow run command for each instances php app/console mautic:multiple:run –command=”your command” Examples php app/console mautic:multiple:run –command=”mautic:iplookup:download”…

Crons generator

Crons generator help administrator setup crons for instances very easy. You can read more about crons in Mautic documentation. This manual is for administrators How…


Mautic Multiple Bundle allow link Mautic installations in one directory. This allow easy manage multiple Mautic for your clients along with maintenance, updates, fixes and…


Multiple Mautic button find on right top possition of your Mautic. Click on it and you have access to manage Multiple Mautic.


Plugin require enabled shell_exec and symlink PHP extensions. Download last version Unzip files to plugins/MauticMultipleBundleClear cache app/cache/prod/Go to yourmautic.url/s/plugins/reloadEnable Multiple integration