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Multiple Bundle – what’s new?

Hey guys, how it going? First clients use Multiple bundle and it’s awesome.

In last few days we make some progres on our Multiple Bundle – first multi-tenant solution for Mautic. This features are just preview, but works well.

New stats for every Mautic instance

  • number of contacts
  • DB size
  • Email sent last 30 days

We are going to get more options to setup stats soon.

Run multiple command

This help administrators runs commands for each Mautic one time. Clear cache for each of them never been more easy:

php app/console mautic:multiple:run --command="cache:clear --no-warmup"

More in documentation

Crons generator

Every Mautic need unique crons. We bring crons generator, which allow generate and copy crons for all instance just in one click. Love it?

More in documentation

Do you want it?

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