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How to install Mautic on Vultr VPS cloud for 5$/month

Vultr is very famous DigitalOcean competitor.  Offer very similar services for very reliable price. Definitely recommend it.

How to Create VPS on Vultr

It’s very easy and no need technical skills.

  1. Go to Vultr and create account
  2. Choose Deploy new server
  3. Choose Server Location close to your bussiness and customers
  4. Choose Server Type Ubuntu 18.04 x64
  5. Choose Server size. For small project choose 1 CPU 1024MB Memory 1000GB Bandwidth ($5/mo)
  6. Enable Auto backup, If appropriate it
  7. Create server with Deploy now button and wait few minutes
  8. Store your root access credentials after server is ready

If your VPS is ready, then follow blog post