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Twig Templates for Mautic

Personalize your email and SMS content using Twig syntax.:

{% if contact.firstname %}
<p>Hi {{ contact.firstname }},</p>
{% elseif  contact.lastname %}
<p>Hi {{ contact.lastname}},</p>
{% endif %}

Twig is a modern template engine. Its purpose is to offer more choices for customizing data. After you install it, you can easily find twig templates in the menu.

🔥 Key features

  1. Email, SMS and Landing Page support
  2. Unlimited Twig Templates Creation: Define unlimited Twig Templates and add them using a token {twigtemplate=1} or better {twigtemplate=Name of twig template}
  3. Test Area: Provides a test area below the edit form to verify the template.
  4. Contact’s Tags: Use {{ contact.tags }} to incorporate contact’s tags in Twig syntax, allowing for data parsing.
  5. Contact’s Segments: Use {{ contact.segments }} for incorporating contact’s segments in Twig syntax.
  6. Support for Email Tokens: Custom tokens can be set for emails sent via API, which can then be used in Twig templates.
  7. JSON Decode: Supports JSON decoding in Twig templates, for example e-shop cart’s content
  8. API Support: Standard API operations GET/POST/PUT/PATCH/DELETE are supported.
  9. Form Results: Ability to use form results in emails, such as {{ formresults }} for all results for a contact and {{ formresult }} for the last form result for a contact.

🔥 Upcoming features

  • add RSS support
  • support for Dynamic Content
  • support for Landing pages

🔥 Full documentation includes videos

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This license is perfect for companies that use Mautic directly.

5 domains license


This license is ideally suited for small agencies with up to five domains.

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This license is perfect for big agencies that use Mautic for their customers.